Why work for Heart Havens?

Working at Heart Havens is rewarding in so many ways. See what our current staff say about their jobs!

Congratulations to our DSP of the Year, Nikki Jones!



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"It's rewarding to see people try something new, something that they'll come to enjoy over and over again. I think that's my favorite thing about being here: taking them and introducing them to new things and seeing their lives brightened from the effects of my job."

~Alecia Guy, Direct Support Professional

"I enjoy my job at Heart Havens because first of all my motto is if I can help somebody along the way then I know that my living is not in vain. Helping empower these people I support is an act of love for me. I am coming up on 13 years at Colonial Beach, I love each moment because I know that my living is not in vain when you can help somebody along your way."


~Sandra Lewis, Direct Support Professional


"I enjoy working at Heart Havens because I like being a part of the individuals' lives and ensuring they are supported with dignity. They make me feel alive with their special kind of humor and it feels good as well to be there when you need to cheer them up. They are not much different from us except I believe they are more appreciative then most people; the littlest thing you do for them, they say thank you. For example, take them for a ride. They love to ride and see the country side and animals and listen to music and sing along and laugh when the staff can't sing very well. The point is we all have fun. Not every day is going to be perfect, but that's what we are here for: to make their day bright and have them feel good about themselves and secure in who they are."

~Heidi Scott, Direct Support Professional